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Electric Circuit Theory 1.0

Electric Circuit Theory 1.0

Electric Circuit Theory Publisher's Description

Electric Circuit Theory covers 'introduction' part and a wide range of topics that includes

  • Ohm's Law
  • Kirchoff's Law
  • Network Theorems
  • Network Equations
  • Resonance

Introduction - This part covers Classification of networks, Lumped Circuit Elements along with Nullators and Norators.

Ohm's Law - This will help you to refresh Ohm's Law.

Kirchoff's Laws - This topic includes Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Kirchoff's Current Law.

Network Theorems - Numerous Theorems that includes Superposition Theorem, Thevenins Theorem, Norton's Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Reciprocity Theorem, Millmans Theorem and Compensation Theorem are covered under this topic.

Network Equations - Node-Mesh Transformation, Source Transformation and Mutual Inductance are included under this topic.

Resonance - This topic includes Series Resonance and Parallel Resonance.

This reference tool will make your Electric Circuit Theory concepts easier than never before.

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